How The World’s Most Amazing Crutches Saved The Snowshoe Tours

The night I was released from hospital, I Googled “snowshoeing with crutches” – zang! A company called SideStix showed up followed by a video list of crutching snowshoers exploring Coastal Mountain ridges and creeks. I threw my head back – “What? is this for real !?” Maybe that remnant morphine from the knee operation was playing on my hopes, fears and imagination.
I scanned through videos and stories of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts snowshoeing, hiking, playing soccer and more from Italy, South Africa, the US and other countries. But, where are these from? “Hey Roseanne, it’s the www. You can order from anywhere,” I skeptically thought as I clicked through contacts.
“Sechelt? Sechelt BC? OMG, this is so BC!” I laughed.
Well that was it, “I’ve got to try these!” I started dreaming of crutching through the snowghost forest of Silver Star, then imagining all the walking compromised people who could now get out and explore the magical, winter wonderland that so many others are just beginning to love. This is an adaptive snow sport revolution!


Follow this blog to find out how these SideStix perform.


About Roseanne Van Ee

Discover the best views and natural places around Vernon, Silver Star and the Monashee Mountains with award-winning nature tour guide/interpretive naturalist, Roseanne Van Ee.
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