Celebrate Love, Sunsets, a Full Snow Moon & More This February Outdoors

Love February! The sunsets linger, wildlife rapturously scamper, the Full Snow Moon rises  and there’s a promise of spring in the air.   It’s a wonderful time to join a Snowshoe Tour on Silver Star to celebrate.

In February, the sun’s increasing intensity releases trees’ aromatic oils into the air injecting a love potion.  We smell it as “fresh mountain air”, but it drives squirrels, snowshoe hares, coyotes, ravens and other mountain wildlife into a love frenzy.  We see their tracks in the craziest patterns all over the snow in pursuit of a partner or rival on the Snowshoe Safaris.Snowshoe Hare hiding w ODFebruary brings longer, later, lingering sunsets.  As we journey out on the Starlight Cabin Rendezvous we leave Silver Star’s village with the sunset, then adventure through dusk and arrive at the Wild Horseman’s Cabin in the dark. Snowshoeing through this transition of light to dark is pure magic!Flaming Sunset Viewpoint w OD

Starlight Cabin Rendezvous
Starlight Cabin Rendezvous
Starlight Cabin Rendezvous  Flaming Sunset Viewpoint w OD

This month’s Full Snow Moon  heralds big snowfalls. It shines over 90% from February 13-17.  It’s hard to believe in the valley, but it’s still snowing like  crazy up on the mountain. The glittery powder keeps piling up. Full moon & sillouettes w ODGet out & celebrate!!!  We’d love to have you join us on a February snowshoe tour.

Join me as I break trail for you on an extraordinarily fun back-country style snowshoe adventure in the comfort and safety of  Silver Star Mountain Resort. Discover the natural wonders of winter and explore the subalpine wilderness.  A uniquely Canadian experience for all ages and abilities.  Bring your camera!


About Roseanne Van Ee

Discover the best views and natural places around Vernon, Silver Star and the Monashee Mountains with award-winning nature tour guide/interpretive naturalist, Roseanne Van Ee.
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